JACS Pub Crawl 2016

Are you young at heart? Are you as wild as a Saturday night in the valley? Are you free(lance)?

If you’re any or all of the above, JACS Pub Crawl is the event for you. Inviting journalists, communicators and fun-loving-freewheelers alike to a Sunday of drinks, debauchery, and dodgy memory.

Forget the formality of snippets and sound bites, hyperlinks and hyperstress, and sink into that true journalist stereotype. So come along clad in that traffic cone orange T-shirt we all know and love, and maybe find a matching traffic cone along the way. But that’s strictly off the record.

As journalism and communications students, we don’t bite and we love meeting newcomers. So regardless of what far realm you hail from, get yourself a JACS membership and get around it. This event of the semester promises to be young, wild, and freelance. And yes, you can quote us on that.

Details will be posted to the event page HERE

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